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    How bad would Lebron look if...

    Wade is nothing without Bron and so are the Heat. if Wade magically returns to 2011 form and stays healthy for 100 games next season than it would be possible if Bosh doesnt shit the bed. but even with peak Wade and another superstar this team without a real Center wont win shit if they dont...
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    Kobe has no excuse for 2006

    Because Suns were the much better team. Look at Game 6, the game they should have won. Kobe hit 2 or 3 clutch shots in a row & his teammates cost them the series by choking on the defensive end twice, which led to OT, where Suns ran a train on us. Smush leaves Nash wide open at the corner, Nash...
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    Lebron James has the highest Real Plus-Minus in the league

    By xRAPM LeBron James 8.7 -0.8 7.9 Chris Paul 6.2 1.2 7.4 Andre Iguodala 2.1 4.6 6.7 Dirk Nowitzki 4.8 1.8 6.6 Kevin Love 5.1 1.3 6.4 Amir Johnson 2.7 3.4 6.1 Tim Duncan 0.9 5.0 5.9 LaMarcus Aldridge 2.6 3.0 5.6 Stephen Curry 6.1 -0.7 5.4 Kevin Durant 5.5 -0.1 5.4
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    Lebron James has the highest Real Plus-Minus in the league

    Despite coasting defensively this season, Lebron still leads in RPM.
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    What is happening with Harrison Barnes?

    Naw, Barnes hasn't played good in any role this year. With the starters, off the bench, with Curry, with Iguodala, with Bazemore, at power forward, at small forward, posting up, shooting 3's, on defense, in the dunk contest. He's literally sucked at everything. I think he's pretty overrated to...
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    What is happening with Harrison Barnes?

    I'll admit that I've never been bullish when it came to Harrison Barnes and what I felt was unwarranted hype. He was pretty much what I thought he'd be in his rookie regular season -- a solid, albeit somewhat average, starting SF. Then, he had that tremendous run in the playoffs which pleasantly...
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    Is Kobe's 05-06 season overrated?

    He was underwhelming in the playoffs, the most important part of the season...
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    Congratulations Detroit

    I remember some of the threads about this team before the season. Quite a bit of people talked about spacing issues not being that big a deal, "they'll work it out", make it up on defense with 3 bigs etc. But it doesn't work, same with Asik and Howard in Houston, Chandler, Amare and Melo in...
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    Congratulations Detroit
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    Why is Toney Douglas in the NBA?

    Would you rather have spanoullis?
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    what would be your reaction if lebron wins his 5th mvp this season?

    Durant stans will destroy the planet earth i believe
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    Cleveland fans: Do you guys miss LeBron?

    not trolling bro. I honestly wanted to know how you guys feel about what has happened to your franchise.
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    Cleveland fans: Do you guys miss LeBron?

    Just wondering. After he left you people were calling him a quitter, saying he's overrated, that he doesn't have what it takes to be great and all sorts of things. So what do you think about Kyrie and not being able to make the playoffs? What do you think about your front office drafting Anthony...
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    Most enjoyable NBA season

    Hmm good thread. 93 sticks out. That was the year I started watching when I was 6. First glimpse of Jordan and I was hooked. Post Jordan: 2001-2002 - The Kings were simply fun to watch and the Lakers/King series is one of the best of all time. Horry's shot is the most heartbreaking shot. I...
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    Worth More: Kyrie or Derozan

    Thread title says it all. Which guard is more valuable?