Favorite non sports game?


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My favorite non sports game would have to currently be Euro truck simulator 2. I have always been a fan of the simulator genre and I find it really relaxing. It has to be one of the best simulators out there! Graphics are awesome (they even update the game here and there) and the content of the game is full. There is hours to spend on that game and if you have always wondered what it's like to drive an 18 wheeler then I recommend it.


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I love a variety of different games, so this will probably be a bit of a difficult choice to select. If I had to choose one sole non sports game that's my favorite, I'd go with GTA V. There was a whole lot of hype on it last year that completely delivered. I absolutely enjoy the game play.


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Right now I can't get away from Advanced Warfare for the PS4, anyone else wanna play? Let me know and I'll send you my playstation ID!


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GTA has always been my favorite series outside the sports games which are by far my favorites. I like games that can let me enjoy them for a long time and GTA does that, but sports games do it even better. One other game I have to mention is Skyrim. I've been playing that game years after the release and still finding new stuff to do.