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    Favourite Old TV Series?

    Does Firefly count as old? If so then that. If you haven't seen Firefly, do yourself a favor and go give it a watch. It's a show about space mercenaries, I mean, how cool is that? If you fan of the genre then Firefly is a must watch. Even if you're not, the show is incredible and characters and...
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    Which do you prefer, watching TV, or on a computer?

    Yeah, I used to watch TV for hours on end, but when I realized I can get all those shows I usually watch on my computer and watch them whenever I want, I just tuned the TV out over time.
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    Do you play any other sports?

    Oh yeah, absolutely. I usually play basketball on weekends, but sometimes I find myself in a Thursday five-a-side game. Love that sport as well, both playing it and watching.
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    As a teenager I had a lot of problems with injuries and they ultimately played a part in me losing the passion for the sport. Knee issues were the most difficult, but there are several which I still carry to this day. My pinky got smashed and now it's bent all the time. Few facial scars as well...
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    Getting back into basketball

    Thanks for the warm welcome! I play on weekends some streetball, that's good enough for me, I have to say. I'm mostly looking back into watching the games on regular basis which is kinda tough since I'm from Europe and games are usually during the night.
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    Does a Championship Define a Players Greatness?

    I think so. There's a reason people rarely even talk about Karl Malone or Pete Maravich. However, a ring next to player's name, when measuring said player's greatness, means only if he had a pivotal role in winning said ring. For example, it's totally fair to Michael Jordan has six rings, but...
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    Why don't more women care about the WNBA?

    Women's basketball and women's soccer are both very enjoyable for me to watch. Mostly because women seem to have better and more assertive approach to the technical aspects of the game. They understand they're just not as athletic as men and the know they can't beat their opponents on pure...
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    Being at the game or at home. Which is your favorite?

    Being at a game is definitely more fun in terms of enjoying the atmosphere and especially when it's a good, fun game. But, when you're at home you can just switch the channel at commercials, or if the game is boring. You also have the benefit of the replays and halftime shows, although I'm not...
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    Best NBA Player Ever

    I haven't seen Chamberlain or Russel play, but from what I can tell they're dominant centers, much like Shaq was and to me, that doesn't take much talent as being a dominating point guard like Magic or shooting guard like Jordan. Larry Bird is definitely considered among the greatest and...
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    Do you think the All Star game is based on popularity more than skill?

    Yes, absolutely. Best example of this Yao Ming, who wasn't a bad player but he constantly got voted in because all of China voted for him, despite him being injured or just not in a good form. Luckily, fans are usually able to populate the starting line-up with the best players and coaches fill...
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    Greatest Shooting Guard of All Time

    LeBron? Shooting guard? Am I taking crazy pills? Since when? He started his career as a small forward and gradually developed himself into a point forward, but he's never been a shooting guard. On topic though, this will always be the argument between Kobe and MJ. And I will always stand on...
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    Euroleague anyone?

    Hello, does anyone here follow Euroleague? I'm currently in Europe (and will be for some time) and I've been tempted into checking few Euroleague games. So, does anyone have any experience? I mean I'm originally European, but I never paid attention to it. I noticed a lot of former NBA players...
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    Favorite non sports game?

    GTA has always been my favorite series outside the sports games which are by far my favorites. I like games that can let me enjoy them for a long time and GTA does that, but sports games do it even better. One other game I have to mention is Skyrim. I've been playing that game years after the...
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    What is Happening to my Lakers

    It's so weird that I wanted to come in here ask this same question and notice it's been posted a year and a half ago! Last year Lakers were really bad, but I honestly thought they'd do so much better this year. As much as I love Kobe, it seems like his time may be up and Lakers need to do a...
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    Getting back into basketball

    Hey all, I'm Alex, I'm 24, I played basketball for roughly ten years (8-18) but I've lost passion for it since. I've signed up for this forum hoping to get back into it, and hoping to get some quality discussion going.