Why do you love basketball?


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I am just wondering why everyone has an interest in basketball and what influenced your decision.

I personally love basketball because, as an overweight child, I struggled with my confidence and honestly hated my life. Growing up as a teenager, I decided to join the school basketball team because I've always enjoyed competition. With my passion growing for basketball I ended up losing a bunch of weight and can now say that I am at a normal and healthy weight. It literally saved my life. I am not planning a career in it but it is one of my favorite hobbies now as an adult.


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I've never been good at playing sports but that never meant that I wouldn't take some interest in sports, with Basketball being one of the only sports that I have been thoroughly engaged by. My family watched it very regularly in the 90's when many of the retired all-time bests were playing and making history. The most popular teams among my family were the LA Lakers and the Chicago Bulls.

Back then, I pulled for the LA Lakers and its front runners Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neil and even use to write their team name on every piece of work I did at school. Bulls were awesome too though, with Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen running things on that team. This is how I got into basketball and I'll always be a fan due to the tremendous workrate, amazing dunks/shots and the lively atmosphere that can accompany the games.


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That's great that it was a way for you to gain some confidence and get healthy. While I was never overweight as a child, I wasn't really interested in most team sports, either. But I had a best friend who was obsessed with soccer and basketball, so we ended up playing together a lot and I found that I had a bit of a talent for it and really enjoyed it. I still play from time to time, but mostly I just watch these days.


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When I was younger, my cousins and I would also meet up at my grandparents' house and hoop it up in the driveway. If we weren't there, we were walking to the elementary school or the park to mix it up with the neighborhood kids. Then, it was nothing but a fun time. It just happened to be our choice of sport. We all loved it! Then, when I got older, I was introduced to the "real" competition aspect, and from that point on, it was basketball 24/7. My cousins and I still throw down when we are together, and I guarantee that won't change anytime soon.


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I started liking basketball when I was younger, mostly because of my father's love for it. He would watch his favorite team play, such as the Rockets or the Cavs. As I started to grow older, I had friends who also played basketball, and I eventually myself started playing it too. My first impressions of it were very positive, which most likely allowed me to stick forward with it.

Now I, although I'm not very good, both play and watch basketball pretty frequently. It's just never become stale to me, and I'll probably enjoy it for a very long time if not the rest of my life.


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I was a tall child in school so you would think I would love basketball and try to make that something I was good at. I was not good at basketball so became discouraged by it. I found love for the sport again when I met my husband. He enjoyed it and I wanted to be closer to him. He taught me all things basketball and we even went to many of the live games. It is our special thing we share a love for and I am glad it brought us together. Now we are trying to get our kids to fall in love with it as well.

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I like basketball because my country favors that sport over the others apart from boxing. I am from the Philippines and we Filipinos spend time, money and scream our lungs out for our favorite basketball teams, be it in the University league or professional basketball teams. Our team has been playing in international competitions that saw them winning medals and ending with the best finish by any team outside the Americas, Europe and Oceania. Our players are much shorter compared to other international players and they really do not have much in terms of high-tech basketball amenities and facilities compared to other players from other countries. Yet, they flourish due to pure talent, hard work and perseverance. :)


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I played basketball at a young age with my brother. I was not a huge guy but I could shoot well from the perimeter. I played a lot of recreational basketball with my friends. I enjoyed the competition and the fact that I was able to improve at it because my parents' had a driveway basketball hoop put in where we could practice. I failed in my first attempt to make the high school team in 10th grade and then succeeded the following year. But while I could shoot the ball magnificently, other parts of my game were average or below average. This had a lot to do with my size. There were just a lot of guys that towered over me. Grabbing rebounds or stopping guys in the paint was difficult. I still love the game 15 years later and still shoot around to calm my mind.


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I love basketball because it requires skill. Unlike other sports (not going to name any just in case) basketball requires dedication and athletic qualities. You have to get off the couch and actually practice to become better at this beautiful sport.


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I love basketball because it requires coordination, speed, and quick decisions to be good. Your skill shows when you play, and that skill comes with experience from practice. I love the game because it makes me feel like i'm a part of something great, i'm a veteran of ball handling, or a master at shooting. It all comes hand in hand, its something i'm good at and i love it.


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I love basketball because the game itself is fun and exciting. I like how it is a team-based game in which a team has to work together as a single unit in order to achieve its goals which is to win the game. There is no individuality in basketball but the game has to be played as a team and this is exciting for me. In terms of watching the game, professional players battling out each other on a close game is also exciting to watch. You do not know who will win and cling to the edge of your seats because you are so excited on what is going to happen next. The highlight plays are also nice and will urge you to try them out outside in your garage to follow the moves of your idol.


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I started liking basketball when I was a kid, as a way to spend time with dad. He would watch his favorite team play and I would watch with him. When I started playing myself, it was discovered that I had a talent of making 3 pointers and that love grew each year.


I got into basketball during the glory years of the Sacramento Kings, back in the early 2000's. Those teams were so much fun to watch and it made basketball so exciting to be apart of. I also played throughout high school and have just been around the game since I was a little kid. I'm also really attracted to the analytic aspect of the game and being able to dig deep into numbers about how and why players are performing well or poorly.