Who Is Your Favorite Player On Every Team?


Pretty simple question but not really a matter of just whose playing style appeals to you most or who excites/entertains you from a FF perspective.

That can be part or the majority your reasoning but also, what guy do u root for? Who do u want to see succeed and get glory from what u know of their personality/background? What dudes in the league do u like seeing have good fortune or get good pub becuz they seem like a decent person to chat with or drink a beer with?

Basically, all things considered, on and off the field, whose your favorite player for each NFL franchise? Lol this is an offseason thread obviously.

Mine goes:

New England Patriots - Rob Gronkowski
Miami Dolphins- Knowshon Moreno
New York Jets- David Harris
Buffalo Bills- Mario Williams

Baltimore Ravens- Torrey Smith
Pittsburgh Steelers- Troy Polamalu
Cincinnati Bengals- Gio Bernard
Cleveland Browns- Joe Haden

Indianapolis Colts- Andrew Luck
Houston Texans- Andre Johnson
Tennessee Titans- Kendall Wright (CJ2k on his way out,his trillness amused me)
Jacksonville Jaguars- Paul Posluszny

Denver Broncos- Peyton Manning
San Diego Chargers- Eric Weddle
Oakland Raiders- Lamar Woodley
Kansas City Chiefs- Eric Berry

Green Bay Packers- Jordy Nelson-Aaron Rodgers stalemate
Detroit Lions- Calvin Johnson
Chicago Bears- Jared Allen
Minnesota Vikings- Adrian Peterson

New Orleans Saints- Drew Brees
Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Gerald McCoy
Carolina Panthers- Luke Kuechly
Atlanta Falcons- Julio Jones

Arizona Cardinals- Larry Fitzgerald
San Francisco 49ers- Navarro Bowman
St Louis Rams- Chris Long
Seattle Seahawks- Marshawn Lynch

Dallas Cowboys- Jason Witten (used to be Demarcus Ware, no luv for anyone else)
New York Giants- Rashad Jennings (underrated impact FA signing)
Philadelphia Eagles- LeSean McCoy (just based on skills, seems like a douche)


Within the division is Cruz, Garcon, and uh...Dan Bailey or someone. Around the league I like B Marsh, Woodhead, J Charles, Burfict, Suggs, A Rodgers, AP, Calvin, Graham, Julio Jones, Earl Thomas, Anquan, Pat Peterson...

Favorite Eagle is Jason Kelce but I have plenty of course. Easier to name Eagles I don't like - Cary Williams, Bryce Brown, Nate Allen, Brandon Graham,


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I would have to say that for me it would have to be Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers. He has just always been my favorite player ever since I started watching the NFL.The only other player that I could say that I'm actually a fan of is Tom Brady from the Patriots. I think he is a very talented play that has a lot of potential.