Which do you prefer, watching TV, or on a computer?


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I stopped watching TV a while ago. The only time I watch "TV shows" is when I am laying in the bed holding my tablet. Watching TV is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

Which do you guys prefer?


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I still prefer the classic television watching method. It creates a much better viewing experience as to a tablet. Maybe I am just traditional like that


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I much prefer watching TV shows on an actual TV. Other than the fact that the screen is bigger and more clear, I don't like always having the screen right in my face. With a TV you can sit back on the couch with the screen further from your face.


I agree, I prefer to watch the actual television. If I stare at a computer screen for too long, my vision gets blurry and I get headaches.


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I definitely prefer computer over TV. There is so much you can do on the computer, even watch TV. I am constantly learning new information on the computer, and applying it to my life. The only time i watch TV is if I am eating and the TV happens to be on.


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I really can't stand watching basketball on the computer. I have to watch it on television. That is why this time of year you will always find me at Buffalo Wild Wings watching all of the March Madness games.


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I definitely agree with what you said. I am usually finding myself laying in bed streaming a movie on my laptop. I think it's partly because I can't really even afford cable at the moment because things are tight money wise. I have to say, I am honestly grateful for the internet because without it I'd be so behind on everything and I'd feel like I'm living under a rock. I am usually able to find the latest episodes of all my favorite TV shows streamed online so it's definitely much cheaper that way.


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I love watching TV more than being on the computer. The screen is larger on my TV so I enjoy getting the full view of what I'm watching.


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I definitely prefer watching TV. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy watching an occasional movie or so, but at some point, I like to be hands-free. After so long, it's time to shut the computer down for the night. Then, when it comes to televisions series, I am a big fan of watching episodes when first aired. No better way to do that than in front of the my TV.

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I have not been a TV fanatic for years now. I am almost always on the computer watching movies (only on some weekends), listening to relaxing music, reading news, checking and replying to my emails and searching the net. I mean, I can do a lot of things with one box, why should I go watch TV? The computer caters to my needs and want of flexibility and variety. Unless we have an internet TV, I won't probably go back to TV watching.


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I prefer browsing the internet or playing games on the computer. I watch mostly sports on TV which I can do on my computer nowadays anyway. If it is a major event like the NBA Finals or Superbowl then I will watch that on my television.


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I like having the ability to watch different areas around the world TV stations on the computer, but the overall quality, I am still partial to the TV. Nothing like watching Football all day Sunday on HD 60+ inch TV.


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For me, I'll always pick watching TV over watching on a computer. Usually when I'm on my laptop I'd just download stuff then watch it rather than watching it live on TV, which is 10x more exciting.


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I will always pick the television. I do to much work on the computer as it is to sit and watch shows on it. So I have to say I will stick to the television and only watch on the computer or other device if I have to use it.


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When I moved to a different state, I refused to pay for cable and now just watch every show on my laptop. I know of sites where almost every show is free, so I have no need for TV. I really thought watching TV on my Macbook Pro was going to be really weird, but instead I really enjoy it.


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I like watching films on TV, I don't think that it's going in the past, there's more and more televisions that have greater options like Smart TV's and people are buying them quite often, I even own one and it's always better to watch something on a bigger screen than on the screen of your laptop. I use a computer whenever I want to do some social networking such as writing with my friends on facebook or talking on skype because it's free, lol. Apart from that I also like interacting with others at forums like this one and sharing my opinions on online debates.


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Definitely on the TV. I have countless memories watching the big game on my TV with family and friends. Overall it's just a much better experience. If you watch on a computer, it does not feel original.


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Yeah, I used to watch TV for hours on end, but when I realized I can get all those shows I usually watch on my computer and watch them whenever I want, I just tuned the TV out over time.