What Type of Fan is Worse


The insufferable homer - someone who defends and makes excuses for anything and everything their team does, even if there's no basis for defense. They are unrealistic about everything that pertains to their teams.


The pessimistic fan - Completely overreacts and bashes everything their team does, during the weekly game threads they make insane comments about how bad their team is and calls for the coach to be fired after one bad play or game, and bashes every move the organization makes make (like that Saints/LSU fan Johnny Jones)

Personally, #2 is far more annoying to me, but we have these both of these types of fans in the Football Forum, so which is more annoying?


The second one def.

At the end of the day, if you're not having fun or enjoy being a fan of your team and watching them, what's the point? Not saying you abandon your team for good but damn, take some time off if they affect your mental that badly when they suck


The "Homer" sports fan. As a Bengals fan, I watch and support, but I'm pretty pessimistic. We get a lot of fans who defend Marvin Lewis, saying he's turned us around and made us into a relevant team. Those fans will chide the rest of us for having the "audacity" to be negative. With no playoff wins under him in a decade plus, and none period since 1991, I don't want to hear that.


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The Bengals are my favorite team as well. However, I have to admit, I am like you and constantly holding out that I can see my Bengals get to the Super Bowl. However, I am only 34 so I think I will be able to get to see them win the game at some point.


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The first one is the one I can't stand. This fan is divorced from reality, thinking his team can never do wrong or should get the benefit of the doubt on every call. Fan number two maybe too harsh but at least he knows and admits his team has flaws.


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I can't stand either type of fan. They're both insufferable and immature. If they continue to act like that, they will surely end up with psychological problems. They might as well quit the fandom and go to a psychiatrist. Can't they just be normal fans, take their favorite team's strengths and weaknesses as they are and accept how games turn out?


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#1, definitely. I'm a big supporter of the teams I'm a fan of but I know each and every team has a flaw. Bringing up accusations when your favored team loses is just immature.