What Shoes Do You Play In?


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There are tons of shoes that are out in the market that is specifically for use when playing basketball. Therefore, what shoe do you wear when you are playing? I know that I still go with the classic converse all stars ever since I was young.

What shoes do you guys play in?


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I like to play in Adidas, I don't really have a specific kind I like but I have always felt comfortable in Adidas. Plus the majority of them are pretty light so I don't feel like I am getting weighed down.


I 'am playing in: Nike Lebron XI Akron vs. Miami

LeBron James’s past and present collide with the LEBRON 11 Akron vs. Miami and LEBRON 11 Miami Nights. The two new colorways celebrate James’s journey from Akron, the city where he was born to Miami, the city that has embraced him. I really like these shoes, very comfy and nice looking!



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Just regular sneakers, I'm a casual basketball player with a tight budget right now so brands have to wait until I get on my feet. Still doesn't stop me from making 3 pointers. :p


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Regular Nikes...I honestly never found a difference in shoes, but maybe that's because I was never a pro at basketball ;)


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