Hey guys!


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I'm new here and just wanted to say hi. I didn't see an introduction forum/thread so I thought I'd start one myself. I'm a huge Chicago Bulls fan, and not just because I live in the Windy City! =)


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I was looking for an introduction forum as well. Might as well do that here.

Hello everyone! I used to play basketball for my school for a couple of years. Now I am away from the game a lot more. I have coached as well in the past. I am here for the love of the game and to help this forum grow!


Hey colfgg, welcome to the forum as well, hope you have a nice stay with all the other members on this great forum and enjoy your time as much as possible :)
welcome to the forum colfgg and Tony. as Jecht said I hope you have a good time and have fun with all the other members on this forum, I personally think this forum is great and would love to see it grow as much as possible :)


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Yeah welcome to the forum, I'm new here as well, I'm just getting used to the whole forum concept as I don't really go on them that much but from what I've seen this is great, I hope to see you all around and maybe we can have a chat about something sometime haha.


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Welcome to the site Tony. I am not a hardcore Bulls fan but I do enjoy watching them play when they are on TV. Unfortunately I am a kings fan :( haha