Favourite Old TV Series?


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My favorite has to be Fresh Prince of BelAir! I love the comedic banter they have throughout each episode. Even to this day I still laugh at all the jokes. I wish TV shows would go back to shows like the ones from back then.

What about everyone else? What are your favorite TV series from the "old" days?


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Fresh Prince of BelAir was a really good and funny show. I did and still love full house. I love to watch the family grow over the many seasons. For me it will always be a classic in television


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Believe it or not one of my favorite shows to still watch to this day is Full House. Although Fresh Prince of Bel Air was a great show!


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My favorite old tv show would have to be the Goosebumps. Not that I would ever watch it now but it was the show I used to watch when I was a kid and brings back some good memories. I was always in my pj's ready for bed because it played late and a bit freaked out (because it was scary at the time lol)... The good old days.


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Xena Warrior Princess is one of my absolute all time favorite boyhood TV programs that I'll never tire watching. Not only are the characters and stories engaging to watch, but there are so many good moral themes planted in the series. It's a fun adventure ride with some drama and some important lessons to take away from it. As for Fresh Prince, I never appreciated or recognized how great that show was until later years after it aired. It's a great show too.


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Oh, man I loved Xena. You know what beat Xena though? Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I almost died when I saw that Netflix put the entire series up. I love that show. Watching it now really reminds me of the times I watched it when I was younger. Buffy does that for me as well as X-Files, Monsters, & Tales From The Crypt. I distinctly recall sneaking to watch them late at night.


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Ditto! I used to be a huge Xena fan too. Lucy Lawless was so great in this series. I must have watched the show for 10 years before it completely went off-air. Another favorite of mine was Hercules with Kevin Sorbo as the titular character. Buffy and Angel used to be my favorites too but down the line, when the Buffy plot became too muddled and unreasonable, I had to stop watching it and shifted my focus on Angel. Spartacus was great too. It's just sad that the first actor who played Spartacus contracted leukemia and died.


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I liked Saved by the Bell and Full House. I like really cheesy family sitcoms but they have all been replaced by reality TV sadly.


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Does Firefly count as old? If so then that. If you haven't seen Firefly, do yourself a favor and go give it a watch. It's a show about space mercenaries, I mean, how cool is that? If you fan of the genre then Firefly is a must watch. Even if you're not, the show is incredible and characters and plot can also keep you interested. Unfortunately it only had one season, but it was so popular, they actually had a movie made after it.