Fantasy Playoffs


Considering how the NBA season is winding down, many fantasy leagues have entered the playoffs. My two teams are both in the playoffs right now. The round ends next Sunday, and in one of my leagues I'm up 6-2 while in the other I'm down 1-7 (Aldridge needs to come back!).

I was wondering how you guys have been doing in your fantasy playoffs?
I'm currently in 2 leagues that already entered the playoffs last week as well. Both are 9 category leagues. It is already the week-ender and I just lost my first round match in the public league I participated in, and it was a close match. The score is 4-5, and the match was decided by mere 7 rebounds (I have 273 rebounds while my opponent have 280 rebounds). This is really disappointing as I was expecting to win this match and proceed in the semi-finals this week, but Spencer Hawes didn't provide the much needed rebounds in his last 2 games.

I'm doing good in the privae league though. I'm ranked 1st so I am exempted in the quarter finals and will be facing the 5th seed this week (the 5th seed dude got lucky in the quarter finals and won against the 4th seed lol).


^great job man

As for that league that you lost in, did you forget to do some pickups leading into the final days or were your pickups like Hawes simply not producing? It's funny how the end of the season can be so wishy-washy. Some players can be relied on throughout the year and then all of a sudden they can't produce because of injuries (Aldridge) or simply aren't playing well (George).
I guess you can say that my prediction of Hawes isn't what I am expecting of him late in the season rather than poor pickup since I actually drafted him, so he isn't a free agent pickup to begin with. When he was traded to the Cavaliers, I thought his value would decline, but that wasn't the case until his recent slump the last few games, where it mattered most since it is already the playoffs in fantasy leagues.

And yeah, I have to agree with you about Paul George disappointing his fantasy owners because I am one of his owners as well. Good thing he was able to bounce back in his last 2 games otherwise many fantasy owners will rage because of getting 5th round stats from their 1st round pick. I mean number like 37.8 percent from the field, 18.7 points, 7.5 boards, 3.9 assists, 1.5 steals and 1.6 triples this March is not what you expect from your 1st round pick. (-_-)


Yeah no kidding. Fantasy playoffs are always so up in the air. Both for football and for basketball. You never know if players will begin to be rested for their own postseason or not.

As for me, I usually draft the Spurs big 3, but towards the end of the season, Coach Pop begins the rest Duncan, Manu, and Tony on a game to game basis so their value really begins to go down.


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Hawes has been playing without Kyrie Irving, which hurts his value. Also, nobody could be as good as Hawes was in his first few games with the Cavs.