Can the Spurs repeat?


The spurs played awesome basketball last season and put "glam" basketball to shame in the NBA Finals. However, one thing that's been plaguing the Spurs is father time. Coach Pop needs to be mindful of the minutes that he allows Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili plays. They're an integral part in the Spurs' system but they can't be effective if they play full minutes night after night. However, the Spurs are a pretty deep team and they will reach the Playoffs with ease. But do you think that they can repeat and become champions once more this season?


They should be able to repeat. They just need a better backup for Duncan and Ginobili. I don't know it they have the cap room, but they should get quality back ups, or even start to look for potential newcomers because as you said earlier, father time is catching up on these two players.