Vitaly Dukhon Ponzi Scheme, Daughter DOB Feb 15 2019


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Be aware of tennis player and conman Vitaly Dukhon. He's a Ponzi scheme. It's the same thing as Bernie Madoff.

Vitaly Dukhon plays amateur tennis at local courts in Manhattan. He chats with people, schmoozes, and fools them into investing. Stay away from this guy. Vitaly Dukhon is a scammer. He shuffles investors. He and his wife Simone Viola Dukhon have been doing scams in Connecticut and NJ as well.

If they scammed you already, the police can track them by searching the information of Vitaly's daughter. Vitaly Dukhon has twins, one male one female. The female was born on February 15, 2019 at 2:46 PM.

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