How long will it take for the Knicks to rebuild?


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The Knicks haven't really been a good team since the days of Patrick Ewing, John Starks, Charles Oakley, etc. Ever since, they've pretty much looked like the Basketball version of the Raiders.

But now with Phil Jackson and Derrick Fisher in power with the team, there may be hope for change and proper rebuilding. The first step was them keeping Carmelo Anthony. But Carmelo alone won't be enough with new leadership. So how long do you think it would take for the Knicks to be a competitor again?


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I would estimate it would take around 2-3 years... depending on whether they can acquire a good player to support Melo or if their current players gain more experience and start to improve rapidly. At the very least, it would probably take 1-2 seasons to get close to or into the playoffs again.
I'm pretty curious to find out though. The potential with Phil and Fisher is there, but the key is execution and dedication.


I actually think resigning Carmelo was a mistake. Had they let Melo walk, they would have had a top 5 pick (still might), and over 40 mil in cap space to build around next season. And while Melo does get more of a bad rap for not winning in the playoffs than he really should, I think it's going to be incredibly difficult to build a winning roster around him without bringing a real second star.

But with Zen at the helm, they'll right the ship soon enough. The Tyson Chandler trade was a perfect example; accumulating picks and a young asset like Larkin was something the old regime avoided doing like the plague.


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Phil wasn't part of the Chandler trade though. Tyson Chandler was long gone before him and Fisher came to N.Y.

Chandler should have been kept. If they wanted to get rid of someone, dead weight like Amari Stoudamire would have been a better option.


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I get immensely tired of teams spending money on one player & then complaining left & right about the expectations said player failed to meet. Try evenly distributing the funds to build a team instead of buying a team. That's why I hate the Yankees. Build a team!