FIBA World Championship

I know it is still early. Very early. Some teams don't have coaches and many rosters are incomplete. But it would be interesting to see how basketball fans around the world consider/predict how things will wind down at the World Cup in Spain.

My prediction is that USA and Spain will meet in the finals and will be a close match just like the Olympic gold medal match 2 years ago. The winner can go either way as the USA is obviously a powerhouse team while Spain has a decent lineup and have the homecourt advantage.

Here are my rankings:

1. USA
2. Spain (homecourt advantage and have the most NBA players among international teams outside of team USA)
3. France (this rank is reasonable if Parker will play)
4. Greece (I am biased about this team. I think that they under-performed recently, but will finally come with a complete roster)
5. Argentina (still think they have something left)
6. Lithuania (hough they always perform better than some of the teams above)
7. Brazil
8. Serbia
9. Croatia (Good results in recent tournament, mostly through a good start. Yet now come expectations)
10. Puerto Rico
11. Australia
12. Finland
13. Turkey
14. Slovenia (they will be rebuilding)
15. Dominican Republic
16. Ukraine
17. Angola
18. Mexico
19. New Zealand
20. Iran
21. Philipines
22. Egypt
23. Senegal
24. Korea