Favorite Celtic of All Time


Two name come to mind when it come to the greatest Celtic player of all time. Larry Bird and Bill Russell. I would chose Larry Bird over Bill Russell because I did watch Birds games live while Russell games were before my time. But I do recognize Bill Russell's achievement especially during the time era of racial inequality.

Who do you think is the greatest?


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I agree with you... Bird was a pretty impressive player, and I particularly found his play style fun to watch, especially in a competitive era of NBA Basketball.
Although Russell won much more and is probably can be regarded as one of if not the best Celtic of all time, my favorite vote still goes to Bird. I still find the current Celtic team fun to watch also, despite them being not as good as the past. However, Bird will most likely be the most iconic and favorite Celtic for me for a long time.


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I wish I had another player to go to, but by a long shot it was Larry Bird. He had such a nice game. When I would watch older games of Larry Bird, I thought he was a SF.. I didn't know for a long time that he was a PF. When he needed to rebound he could, but without a dribble to create his shot, he could do it anyway. Bird was lethal.