Durant or Westbrook?


Kevin Durant was the NBAs MVP last season. His impeccable shooting skills and his ability to lead a team made him worthy of such award. Westbrook on the other hand is a very explosive point guard. He can also score at will and is pretty good at involving his teammates as well.

Who do you think is better overall? Durant or Westbrook?

Who do you think should be the leader of the Thunder?

Who is the ultimate go-to guy of the team?


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I personally like both of them and it's not fair to compare earth to air. There are times when Durant is in great form and Westbrook isn't, Sometimes, it's also the other way around. Westbrook shines while Durant supports him from behind due to injury or some other physical or psychological concern. OKC won't be the formidable team it is today without either one's presence.

As far as leadership is concerned, however, I'd prefer Durant to be the leader. He's more grounded, sometimes overly serious and less flighty. I see Westbrook as a sort of easy, breezy fellow. He should be Durant's wingman. Everyone in the team must admire them both so the duo deserve to be the go-to persons of the team. But then there's always the coach, right?


In the past, this was clearly Durant's team and he was the top dog. Now, I'm not so sure. Westbrook looks like he's taken over this club in all aspects and might just be the better lead option moving forward. Durant of course is one of the best (probably the best) scorer in the NBA, but I don't see that same fire from him that Westbrook plays with on a nightly basis.

I hope Durant doesn't walk this off-season though. This pairing is one of the most fun in the NBA to watch and it would be a shame to see them break up before they get another shot at a title. It'll be interesting to see how they match-up with the Warriors come playoff time and if they can get past that hurdle.