Does Rondo put the Mavericks over the top in the West?


The Mavericks made the move to go for a title this season when they trade future first round picks and depth to get the half-year rental of Rondo. But how do you think he fits with their current roster? Monta is having one of his best years of his career because he's been an outstanding playmaker and scorer this season. And he hasn't had a good history of playing with ball-dominant PGs in the past like Jennings and Steph Curry.

But I think Rondo can do really well working with excellent offensive options like Dirk, Parsons and Monta and make them better. He excells in a 4th/5th option role and he no longer has to worry about scoring on this team. The West is incredibly hard to gauge with how many talented teams there are, but I do think this move gives the Mavericks a pretty good chance at getting a top 3 spot in the West.

Are the Mavericks a true contender out west now?


I believe that they have been true contenders even before Rondo came to their roster. The Mavericks are the highest scoring team in the NBA and that goes to show how much talent this team has. The addition of Rondo however, has definitely made Dallas ah force to be feared in the west and in the entire NBA. The offense is going to flow more efficiently with Rondo running the floor. And with so many deadly shooters in Dallas, I have a hunch that Rondo will be piling up assists left and right as well.


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They will be one of the top teams in the west when the regular season ends and make a deep run to the playoffs, and possibly be in the finals. The addition of Rondo is great and he fits right into the mix with also great back up point guards in Barea and Harris. The Mavs are strong contenders and it was timely that they have acquired Rondo. It was a huge factor that Dirk took less money to make this possible.