Do you think the team needs a high power second option?


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Any of us that are NBA fans know the storied problem of Derrick Rose's injuries. Derrick Rose is a great player but the Bulls seem to have no viable second option for if he gets hurt again. If they don't get a powerful secondary player they can end up the way the Pacers are right now.


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Yeah probably. I mean there is still Joakim Noah around as a secondary guy, but he's a bit limited physically in my opinion. So perhaps they do need a more solidified secondary guy that can keep the team going strong in Derrick Rose's potential absence.


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I agree with you guys, the Bulls definitely need a second-power option in order to compete throughout the long season. It's already bad that the season (when including hypothetical playoff games) can include over 100 games, but the fact that D-Rose's play style is so prone to injuries is potentially a big blow that the Bulls will have to face if he gets hurt again.
I mean, there's other players, but we all saw last playoffs: they couldn't get that far without their primary scorer.
Overall, I'm looking forward to see how this season plays out for the Bulls, and I'm wishing all you Bulls fans the best of luck that Rose doesn't get injured again.


Personally, I think they're well-geared for a big run with or without Rose with the emergence of Jimmy Butler becoming a star player. The kid is a legit 2-way presence and looks more than ready to take the reigns of the SG position for years to come. So if you approach Chicago's offensive structure with him being your #1 options, Pau your #2, and Noah/Gibson/Dunleavy as your 3rd options, the team is pretty well set as currently suited. This is the deepest roster the Bulls have had and the best offensive team the Bulls have had, so I'd be looking for them to go deep.

Anything Rose does at this point is just gravy on top. He's the guy that would put them over the top from just being an east contender to being a team that could go toe to toe with any team in the West.


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I don’t think they need another second option because if ever Rose goes out; the Bulls have Butler and Gasol to lead the offense. For defense, the Bulls have no problem in this area. But it doesn’t harm if they do try to get another star this season before the trade deadline ends. I like the Bulls and how they are defensive-minded leading them to a good place in the East standings. I hope they land another star so they can create a Big Three of Rose, Gasol and the other star. Butler is an all-star, but I think he needs to improve more to be part of a Big Three.