DD looking tired


I'd like to see him get at least one or two games off (even with the 3 days off).
I expect Lowry and Amir back for next game and I think it would be good to see this team play together without demar at least against philly.


I don't see him resting until the final game of the season, to be honest. And yeah, the work load might be getting to him.

He's 3rd in league in minutes per game behind Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony and not counting tonight's games, leading the league in total minutes. This 3 day layoff should help, though, plus I think we will try to find minutes of rest for him if the Raptors can blow some of these weaker teams out.


I hope they give more burn for ross when they decide to rest him.

Side note, derozan is durable as hell. Still shocked he hasn't been hit by any serious or even moderate injury. Wonder if its something he does or genetics.