Can Somebody Explain This?


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Okay, I know this is going to sound silly - but I have no idea what fantasy basketball or fantasy sports in general are. I know a lot of people do them, though. So can someone explain what fantasy basketball is and how it works?


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When you log into a sports site ( for example) that offer fantasy sports, it means you can subscribe to a platform where you and other people agree to form a "league". "League" is just the name where people can their teams on the platform.

Fantasy sports are, in a nutshell, just a way where you put your sports knowledge to the test by competing against other people by picking creating a "team" in the same way real teams create theirs. There is a draft at the beginning of the fantasy season with a pool made up of all the players in the league, and each person in the league take turns to fill their team with them.

After drafting players the whole point is to get the best stats all around you can with your team and by doing so you beat the other teams in your league. Say for example you are lucky enough to draft Lebron. So now you got a high fg%, great scoring, assists and whatnot, but Lebron lacks a good 3pmade statistic, so now the logical thing is to look for a guy who makes a lot of three pointers.
It's all a stat game that gets refreshed in real time, based on the performance of your players and what they do in the court.

This video explains it real easy :p