Being at the game or at home. Which is your favorite?

Michael Iwata

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I know for me personally, I love going to games in person to see the live action up and close. The atmosphere that comes with being at a game is unreal and isn't like any other experience. You can always sit at home and watch a game but going to the actual game is what makes it special for me. What's your opinion?


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That's tough for me to say. I really do like going to the games because the atmosphere is really fun, but you can kind of "study" the game more when you watch it on TV. I like to go to a few games per year but for the most part I prefer to simply watch it on TV.


It's much better to be in the court with your favorite team, shout as loud as you can and help your team win!
I love being at the game, in addition to the live action I enjoy the pageantry of being at the game. Something about the lights, loud music and even the concessions that makes the game so much more enjoyable to me. On the other hand, if I can't attend a game I won't not watch it. I definitely enjoy watching my favorite team on tv as well, it's just not my first choice.


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I think I would rather be at home. Yes, I would be missing out the atmosphere and the experience in its entirety, but I would actually prefer to be in my own element. I could enjoy the game in the comforts of own home, where I can shut everything else out and fully engage.


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I agree with the poster. I would much rather be at the game then at home watching it. Although I think it's awesome that you can now watch a game in HD in the comfort of your own how is awesome, there's nothing like hearing the crowd cheering for your favorite team and then jumping up when they score. You can do it at home but it's not the same lol. One day they will be playing the games through Oculus Rift so you can literally "be there"!


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I think it depends on how your feeling at the time. If you want to be out, you will enjoy going to a live game. I love going to live games because the crowd gets you all excited and hyped up. It is fun to be out enjoying that time with someone as well. If you a home body you will love staying home and yelling at the TV. So to each his own.

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I like to watch on TV because you can really see up close what's going on, like if there's really a foul, or a wrong foul was called. Although, being on the court sure is more exciting because you can feel the tension and high spirit vibe of the fans. I can't deal with that. I might have a heart attack! Lol! Seriously, am all right with just watching on TV. I'd rather see in slow motion the best and worst moves of the players and the wrong calls of referees. I can analyze and understand the game more that way.


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Even though I've never been to an NBA game personally, I'd say that I almost equally prefer both to be at the game experiencing the atmosphere and vibes and at home studying the game and reacting to it without any hold backs in my own personal space. So while there's surely positives to the both of them, going to the game slightly edges out having to watch it on TV and potentially miss out on experiencing something epic first-hand.


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For a real fan of basketball I think that it's always better to be at the match, experience the emotions and just simply to be at it.
In front of the TV you're still experiening it, but you don't feel the atmosphere around.


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Personally, I enjoy being at home for the game. I do not have to worry about how I look or how loud I am. Compared to being at a bar, where there are multiple people around me. Also, I can eat like a pig when I am home, which is definitely a great thing.


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I've never been to a real live game before, so seeing this post made me kinda sad. I don't know, I think I'd still prefer being at home, since I'm a broke student who wouldn't be able to afford the tickets anyway :(


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It is totally different when you are watching a basketball game live because you can really get into it like the cheering and shouting especially when the crowd also starts getting into it. The game is also very intense like you can hear the squeaking of shoes, shouting of players and their voices and the extra actions on the court like taunting, elbowing and trash talking. It is also more fun watching live because everybody is just in happy mode celebrating when the team wins and everyone is just having fun being entertained by the players and the game itself that they love.


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Watching basketball games live is fun if your seat is not too far from the court. The closer you are to the action, the better you can connect with your team. However I would rather watch the game from home, simply because the snacks and the bathrooms are much closer and there are no traffic jams after the game.


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Well, the cheaper option is staying at home. There have been occasions where I went to a game & wished I had stayed home but that really had to do with seating & the place being packed to the rafters. I'd rather watch a basketball game at home. I'd rather watch a football game live.


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Being at a game is definitely more fun in terms of enjoying the atmosphere and especially when it's a good, fun game. But, when you're at home you can just switch the channel at commercials, or if the game is boring. You also have the benefit of the replays and halftime shows, although I'm not sure everyone loves halftime shows.


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Considering the fact that I'm struggling financially, watching at home is the reality 95% of the time. I'm also in control of changing the game if I don't like it. No such options when at the game, only money that went to waste on a ticket. :p