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    Lebron James has the highest Real Plus-Minus in the league

    Despite coasting defensively this season, Lebron still leads in RPM.
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    What is happening with Harrison Barnes?

    I'll admit that I've never been bullish when it came to Harrison Barnes and what I felt was unwarranted hype. He was pretty much what I thought he'd be in his rookie regular season -- a solid, albeit somewhat average, starting SF. Then, he had that tremendous run in the playoffs which pleasantly...
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    Congratulations Detroit
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    what would be your reaction if lebron wins his 5th mvp this season?

    Durant stans will destroy the planet earth i believe
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    Cleveland fans: Do you guys miss LeBron?

    Just wondering. After he left you people were calling him a quitter, saying he's overrated, that he doesn't have what it takes to be great and all sorts of things. So what do you think about Kyrie and not being able to make the playoffs? What do you think about your front office drafting Anthony...
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    Worth More: Kyrie or Derozan

    Thread title says it all. Which guard is more valuable?
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    Hottest girl in the world?

    Ariana Grande imo.
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    Bosh shooting lots of 3s this season

    I know he became better at shootin 3s this season but he is getting to comfortable. Does he really need to take 4-5 threes a game?
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    Will the MVP be unanimous?

    We all know it should be, but will it? I think some dumbasses are going to vote for LeBron. Blake might get a few and maybe throw in a vote for Melo or Love.
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    Can someone explain to me why USA lost to Greece? Why did USA had hard time against

    Can someone explain to me why USA lost to Greece? Why did USA had hard time against teams like Spain, Brazil? I thought USA had way more talented basketball players than the rest of the world and that they were much better at basketball. I missed that Greece game.
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    BF4 Naval Strike DLC (PS4)

    Waiting for the release date for non-premium members! Can't wait to play some carrier assault games! You guys buying it?
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    Pacers will come out in the East. Avatar Bet. Anything

    Avatar bet for 1 month ( or months) Pacers will make it to the Final this year
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    We finn to ack like Dirk isn't close to Duncan for GOAT PF?

    Seriously. I respect Duncan but what Dirk did in 2011 is as legendary as what Wade did in 06. Dirk never had Manu and Tony Parker on his team. Dirk carried a bunch of old guys, and Jason Kidd on his basketball death bed. I regard Dirk's career as Duncanesque. He never had the teammates. He did...
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    Durant can lead a team without Westbrook, Lebron can't without Wade.

    This is actually pretty interesting to think about. Durant had the single best stretch of his career in January-February when Brook was injured and the Thunder got to the top of the western conference. Lebron has not had the same success without Wade, and even with another all-star in Bosh, he...
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    videos of NBA players jumping at backboard or rim level

    Backboards Michael Jordan bangs his head on the backboard - Amazing block attempt in college Dwight Howard ANNIHILATES Luol Deng's shot (Dec. 1, 2010) Blake Griffin bangs his head on the backboard Blake Griffin hits head on backboard vs. Syracuse NCAA Tournament 03.27.09 Kenneth...
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    After four-month wait, Wolves defeat San Antonio

    Getting contributions from just about everywhere the Wolves put a 110-91 pasting on the Spurs. Kevin Love and Gorgui Dieng each had double-doubles. From Love, that’s not news. But from Dieng it’s an emerging story that added a chapter Tuesday, when he got the better of Spurs star Tim Duncan (10...
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    Elder Scrolls Online and Wildstar

    I know there are a bunch of Skyrim fans here. I never played any of the single player ES games but I've been in the ESO beta for a few months, along with Wildstar, and I've been having fun. Wondering if anyone else will be trying either out?
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    Who Is Your Favorite Player On Every Team?

    Pretty simple question but not really a matter of just whose playing style appeals to you most or who excites/entertains you from a FF perspective. That can be part or the majority your reasoning but also, what guy do u root for? Who do u want to see succeed and get glory from what u know of...
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    KG has returned to action for Nets

    Nets center Kevin Garnett was back from a 19-game absence due to a back injury and played well in limited minutes in a 105-101 win over the 76ers. Garnett scored 10 points in just 13 minutes, while connecting on 5 of 6 from the field. He snagged four rebounds and filled up the box score with...
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    Barclays Center

    Any of you been to a game there yet?? I'm visiting my girl in NY for the weekend next week and wanted to go to a game. Knicks are out of town (sorry but MSG was my first choice) but BKLYN is playing that Friday against the Cavs. Found some tix on stubhub about $60 a pop for sections 102, 112...