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  1. Maikflow

    **OFICCIAL** fantasy league

    Hello everyone I created a fantasy league in Link is so everyone can signup and if you have any questions let me know. *sorry for the tipo on official dunno what happened there.
  2. Maikflow

    From 1 to 5 what chances do you give the rockets to win it all?

    For me it is a 4, i like their chances now that they have another double teamed player in their lineup (Howard) and if they keep Asik in their lineup it will be twin towers in Houston just rebounding every failed shot someone puts out there. Also Howard gives the team a significant boost in...
  3. Maikflow

    Experience vs atlethicism, who wins?

    This new season in the NBA will be quite interesting in that there will be younger teams becoming a major threat on playoffs (warriors, rockets, pacers, etc) to the older and more experienced teams (spurs, knicks, heat?) so which one do you see coming out on top? will it be experience beating...
  4. Maikflow

    Maikflow here

    Hello Maikflow here ready to layeth the smacketh down on all your unsuspecting assets! hehe. Longtime Rocket fan since the Tomjanovich era, hope to get to know everyone here and hopefully get into some heated discussions like true sportsfans. Best team ever! :D