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    What Shoes Do You Play In?

    Regular Nikes...I honestly never found a difference in shoes, but maybe that's because I was never a pro at basketball ;)
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    Getting back into basketball

    Awesome, welcome! Is there somewhere around you where you can join a team or get started? :)
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    Do you play any other sports?

    I used to do just about every sport other than soccer. I used to love swimming too! Now I stick with basketball or softball.
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    That's about the time frame I was thinking too! She really wants to get back on the court but it's been almost two weeks and there is still a little swelling and definitely a bruise so I told her no :p Thanks for your reply! :)
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    Just curious and asking for a friend.....If you have ever sprained an ankle or a wrist, how long did you have to sit out of basketball (or whatever sport you were into at the time)?
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    Why don't more women care about the WNBA?

    I agree. WNBA players don't really do anything exceptional or out of the ordinary that could draw attention. I also just find watching WNBA games boring. I have heard they are better in person, but I have never actually made an effort to get tickets. It's just not as interesting as watching...
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    Jeremy Lin

    I have to agree it seems as if he is lacking the confidence to become a franchise player at this point. I think if he would build some more confidence, he would get more playing time and could possibly move up more and maybe even match or exceed Kobe, who has been kind of disappointing lately.
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    Atlanta stand up!

    Welcome! The Hawks are probably in my top 5 favorite teams...will you still be my friend? :)
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    Do you think the All Star game is based on popularity more than skill?

    True. I think the players have to be talented enough to be recognized or they have to break a record or do something unique to get more well-known, but I do think there are some low-key players who have enough talent to play in the all star game.
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    Yo! Yo! ____@

    Welcome, this forum is pretty awesome!
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    I agree this theme is awesome, the colors are especially perfect for it
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    James Harden Is The Main

    I agree he is one of the best in the league, and he has certainly helped me out in fantasy sports. I was stunned when OKC let him go and even more so when the Thunder did. He probably deserves more recognition at this point.
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    Ladies ... What is your favorite NBA team?

    YES, this!!! Plus when I was little and would play NBA on my Nintendo I would always be the Lakers...Shaq and Kobe were my main men back then ;)
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    Nike vs Adidas

    I have tried both kinds, and it seems that I always come back to Nike. They just feel more comfortable and I think the design of most Nike shoes are better and more attractive than Adidas.
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    Do you think the All Star game is based on popularity more than skill?

    I definitely have to agree, it's all about publicity and popularity. If a player is well-known, they'll want him on the team - it will attract more viewers and attention, thus bringing in more money.
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    Which do you prefer, watching TV, or on a computer?

    When I moved to a different state, I refused to pay for cable and now just watch every show on my laptop. I know of sites where almost every show is free, so I have no need for TV. I really thought watching TV on my Macbook Pro was going to be really weird, but instead I really enjoy it.