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  1. Kingmaker

    Who will be the next franchise player of Dallas?

    If you read the interview Cuban did last week the Mavericks intend too rebuild with Dirk as the centerpiece again and feel he has another five good years of winning left in him. I kind of agree that Dirk is getting a little old but he can still shoot and play the power forward position I think...
  2. Kingmaker

    2014 Draft

    Barring injury, it should be Wiggins and I agree he is probably the best prospect since Lebron James or Kevin Garnett that I have seen, those are the two that always come to mind. But these things have a way of changing and guys have a way of emerging at the right times to get that numer one...
  3. Kingmaker

    Books Anyone?

    Along with my love of sports I also enjoy reading and try to read 2 to 3 new books a month. I like non-fiction and fiction and read a pretty good mix of all genres in non- fiction, I mainly read suspense, mystery and horror novels for fiction genres. My favorite authors are George Pelecanos...
  4. Kingmaker

    Experience vs atlethicism, who wins?

    I think it takes an equal measure of both to be a truly great NBA player or be a part of a great championship team in the NBA. Professional sports as a whole are way more competitive than the "average joe" even realizes or will experience in his entire life. These guys play 5 on 5 games for 48...
  5. Kingmaker

    NBA 2k14

    For my money I have to go with the NBA 2K series, it is more of a true simulation than the Live series by EA and offers a much deeper and real game play experience in the "My Career" mode than the flashy NBA Live which looks great but plays wooden and just plain not as good.
  6. Kingmaker

    Kingmaker representing the 916

    Because Thornton is very inconsistent and better suited coming off the bench to provide some quick points as a sixth man, he can score and fast, but he is not a night in night out starter playing close to 40 minutes a game, his defense is also suspect and not what it should be at this point in...
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    My question is if you hate it so much why did you create a thread on a Basketball Forum to straight hate on a game you dislike? When you know HALO is one of the most tense atmospheric first person shooters to ever come out, and the most popular ever. NO GAME is perfect but the first two Halo...
  9. Kingmaker

    Any good leagues?

    I guess I will just have to take your money good sir. I only play to win unlike my Sacramento Kings. :mad:
  10. Kingmaker

    Maikflow here

    Tomjanovich is one of my all time favorite coaches and the reason why is he taught his players that the D, was what won you titles, consistent defense is the hallmark of any great team and the Rockets of that era certainly fit that bill. It would have been nice to see if Jordan could have slayed...
  11. Kingmaker

    Hey the Kingmaker is here to spread some Sactown love and knowledge

    I know my man I know, it has been a rough few years in the basement of the Pacific division and it has been hard for a fan like myself to get excited about the Kings. But the future is now and we are going to turn it around. I have two words for you my friend. A LOT!:D
  12. Kingmaker

    Any good leagues?

    I am in, I have never played fantasy basketball. But I play fantasy baseball and football, so I think the transition will be fairly easy with my NBA knowledge. I thing you need a minimum of 10 teams to do it and would love to throw down a little cash on the league for 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes...
  13. Kingmaker

    Favorite non sports game?

    I am kind of a hardcore gamer and always have been since I was a kid. My favorite non sports games are the "HITMAN" games I love the strategy involved in obtaining a Silent Assassin rating on each and every level and there are always at least 6 or 7 ways to go about it too, which makes it...
  14. Kingmaker

    Is Dwight The Next Great Rocket Big Man?

    I tend to agree with that sentiment, but I have seen Howard take over in playoff series and for stretches of a season when he was with Orlando that were truly dominating. Being injury prone has been his biggest problem the last few years with playing at the high level that he is capable of. I...
  15. Kingmaker

    Kingmaker representing the 916

    Hey everybody this is the Kingmaker and I am a loyal follower of the Kings since 1988 and have been to over 50 games in my lifetime at ARCO ARENA in Sacramento where I have lived my entire life. This year is going to be another transitional year for the Kings and the one thing I hope for most is...
  16. Kingmaker

    Do White Guys Even Bother Playing Basketball Anymore?

    I am white Irish guy and an absolute beast on the court and the football field at 6'1 and 245 lbs and have shutdown many black guys in my day, and been schooled by many in my time as well. I feel race has nothing to do with athletic ability it is work ethic, drive and genetics and what you are...
  17. Kingmaker

    Hey the Kingmaker is here to spread some Sactown love and knowledge

    As you can see I am a huge longtime Kings fan and a resident of Sacramento. I love the NBA and was so relieved that the league and its owners sided with Sacramento in the whole Maloof moving the team debacle. Kevin Johnson the mayor of Sacramento is the man and I personally do not support most...
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    Summer League

    Summer League
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