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  1. TPhoenix

    Who has been your surprise team in the early season?

    The Raptors have been the biggest surprise to me. Ever since the Rudy Gay trade, everything turned around nicely for the Raptors and once they made the playoffs and kicked off the We the North era, the franchise took off even more with the amount of support behind it. But I had no idea they were...
  2. TPhoenix

    Being at the game or at home. Which is your favorite?

    Even though I've never been to an NBA game personally, I'd say that I almost equally prefer both to be at the game experiencing the atmosphere and vibes and at home studying the game and reacting to it without any hold backs in my own personal space. So while there's surely positives to the both...
  3. TPhoenix

    Do You Exercise?

    We've all heard how vital exercise is to maintain our health and fitness. If it's even for 30 minutes a day, it's beneficial to us. With that being said, do you exercise frequently when you have the time to do it or is it something you put off and don't usually end up doing in the long run? Or...
  4. TPhoenix

    Improvements needed for a Championship to the Cavs?

    Yeah, the Cleveland Cavaliers are immediately rated a high team because Lebron James returned to it. But they need to mesh together better than they have because their chemistry just seems to be off as a team and it's ot coming across well with their game play. It'll probably take awhile before...
  5. TPhoenix

    Old Full Length Footage

    I'm always looking to go back and relive some of the old days, but I want to watch the media in full and not in any highlight packages as shown on YouTube. Does anyone know anywhere online that I can go to watch games in their entirety?
  6. TPhoenix

    Best NBA Player Ever

    I know this subject is highly debatable and all that, but when you look back, there have been many upon many of phenomenal NBA players that came along, showed us their amazing court skills and either retired or continue to play in the name of love for basketball. Who do you think is the best of...
  7. TPhoenix

    Favourite Old TV Series?

    Xena Warrior Princess is one of my absolute all time favorite boyhood TV programs that I'll never tire watching. Not only are the characters and stories engaging to watch, but there are so many good moral themes planted in the series. It's a fun adventure ride with some drama and some important...
  8. TPhoenix

    Favorite non sports game?

    I love a variety of different games, so this will probably be a bit of a difficult choice to select. If I had to choose one sole non sports game that's my favorite, I'd go with GTA V. There was a whole lot of hype on it last year that completely delivered. I absolutely enjoy the game play.
  9. TPhoenix

    Nike vs Adidas

    In the world of basketball, the major brands known as Nike and Adidas contend heavily for the currency that comes out of the wallet of buyers that play basketball. In your opinion, which is the better brand to buy based on factors such as style, design, comfort, and build quality?
  10. TPhoenix

    High Schoolers Entering the Draft

    I think this issue can relate to the food industry. They have to sacrifice quality and rush the food to the market or people will starve. It's sort of comparable to the NBA since veteran players will not stick around forever and they'll be left with nothing if they're not trying to create...
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  12. TPhoenix

    Do you think the team needs a high power second option?

    Yeah probably. I mean there is still Joakim Noah around as a secondary guy, but he's a bit limited physically in my opinion. So perhaps they do need a more solidified secondary guy that can keep the team going strong in Derrick Rose's potential absence.
  13. TPhoenix

    Eastern Conference Lead

    The Toronto Raptors kicked their determination and high spirits into gear very early this season, breaking franchise records, such as Kyle Lowry averaging the most triple-doubles in Raptors history and now the team currently tops the Eastern Conference, another piece of history for the team...
  14. TPhoenix

    Heat without Lebron James

    Yeah that's what I think as well. It's going to be a more challenging year for the Miami Heat. Not to discredit a championship team like the Heat in anyway, but James was one of the focal guys that helped get it done in winning the big one two times in recent years. With James gone it's like one...
  15. TPhoenix

    Who's the next franchise player of the Lakers?

    The LA Lakers are going to be in some serious trouble once Kobe Bryant officially retires from the team along with the other veterans. I'm going to hate to see it because they have been one of my favorites for years. That franchise better look towards acquiring some top talent from other teams...
  16. TPhoenix

    76ers need a boost

    I can't believe how much the Philadelphia 76ers have fallen since the glory days when Allen Iverson was on the team and bringing them to some heights. Then while holding onto that memory, I watched as they went up against the Toronto Raptors lately, only to be left harshly in the dust to gain...
  17. TPhoenix

    Favorite basketball movie?!

    Love and Basketball, Space Jam and Coach Carter are my all-time favorite basketball movies ever made. Love and Basketball is relatable and has a great charm to it, depicting two lovers feverishly going after the same dream while battling circumstances in between. I love how it shows the passion...
  18. TPhoenix

    Why do you love basketball?

    I've never been good at playing sports but that never meant that I wouldn't take some interest in sports, with Basketball being one of the only sports that I have been thoroughly engaged by. My family watched it very regularly in the 90's when many of the retired all-time bests were playing and...
  19. TPhoenix

    Championship hopes

    The Oklahoma City Thunder has been battling hard to secure an NBA Championship over the years. They've come so close during playoffs of the past but they have just not been able to do it and I feel for them, especially Kevin Durant, who is a great player. What do you think they have to do to...
  20. TPhoenix

    Does playoffs potential exist?

    Lebron James returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers this year, leaving behind a championship team that brought him much success. Now with new team players by his side, do you think the Cavaliers pose a chance of winning the playoffs this season or are there other teams that will knock them out of...