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  1. thedragon

    Rebuilding Around Rondo

    If Rondo could shoot the three ball, and stop his assist whoring he is the legitamate top point guard in the league. But none of the recent picks have all star potential. Melo is a scrub, Sullinger has a low ceiling. Kelly Olynyk can play offense but he can't play agianst the more athletic centers.
  2. thedragon

    Books Anyone?

    If you haven't already you should read 1983 by Goerge Orwell. It is a great read and one of the single most relevant books of our time. It droaws great parallels to whats happening with the spying controversy.
  3. thedragon

    2014 Draft

    That's true but Wiggins reminds me more of a T-mac than any other player except maybe a Dominique Wilkins. He could play. This looks to be almost as good as the 2003 draft, except there is more depth.
  4. thedragon

    Do White Guys Even Bother Playing Basketball Anymore?

    Jerry West is a top 2 shooting guard. If any player can maximise their skills to a ridicously high level like the logo or Nash then Athletiscm and length doesn't matter. The shooting, playmaking, basketball iq will make up for any deficiencies.
  5. thedragon

    Are Jordans worth the cost?

    Jordan's are awesome, but I buy what I like to buy. If the show looks awesome i'm going to buy it.
  6. thedragon

    NBA D-League anyone?

    Some players would be best following Glen Rice Jr's example at least they could showcase their talent better tthan being a cog in a system.
  7. thedragon

    Women World Cup

    No american football? What about lingerie football?
  8. thedragon

    Kingmaker representing the 916

    I've been watching Demarcus since Kentucky. I hope he matures but it's not likely. ONe thing I don't understand is Thornton was signed only a year ago, why draft McLemore when they could have used that pick for a trade package.
  9. thedragon

    Is Dwight The Next Great Rocket Big Man?

    Dwight doesn't have the killer willpower or passion to be an NBA finals MVP if on the miracle this Rockets team without a third all-star reaches the NBA Finals the Heat would use a hack a Shaq to slow down the Rockets offense. Harden is predictable so i'm sure the heat would close him down just...
  10. thedragon

    Favorite non sports game?

    I played Sonic Unleashed. Diddnt finish it though.
  11. thedragon

    Who is your team?

    THe cavs are too injury prone for my taste. I support Washington. But mainly I watch Kentucky.
  12. thedragon


    Halo is a great game series. You must not like fps if you don't like Halo. The storyline was pretty awesome too.
  13. thedragon

    USA team moving!

    THe USA Team is becoming more popular and there are more elite players. It only makes sense that they should upgrade their facilities.
  14. thedragon

    2014 Draft

    The Celtics need to tank harder than that if they want a top 3 pick. Wiggins has greater potential because of his athleticism. The best prospect since Lebron James.
  15. thedragon

    Anyone watch WNBA?

    NO I've never watched a WNBA game is it significantly different to an NBA game?
  16. thedragon

    My Favorite Team

    As constructed the bulls won't win a championship Boozer will be too old, Butler is overrated as a shot creator, and Gibson is surprisingly older than I thought he was.
  17. thedragon

    Is Dwight The Next Great Rocket Big Man?

    Dwight Howard is not made of steel, nor iron not even brass. I don't have the quote but he said something along the lines of I won't let rings define my career, I'm successful to have played for 10 seasons. He doesn't have the killer will to be "The guy". "The guy" eouldn't have been...
  18. thedragon

    Derrick Rose returns?

    I think the opener is more than reasonable for a player claiming to be the best right now.
  19. thedragon

    John Wall deserves $80 million

    He's training with Gary Payton who was the most complete guard ever, he has at least 3 shooters beal, Porter and Webster with the spacing he'll get he won't need to change speeds. Although I agree if he could he would be unstoppable assuming he has a respectable 3 shot.
  20. thedragon

    Sorry the dynasty is over!

    I'm sorry the same D. Rose who cowered in Lebron's presence in the 2nd round, even though he was healthy, really? Not to mention the Heatles now have Oden for 10-15 minutes are you kidding me.