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    Favorite non sports game?

    Right now I can't get away from Advanced Warfare for the PS4, anyone else wanna play? Let me know and I'll send you my playstation ID!
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    Is there a reason the NBA has stepped away from cartoonish gaming?

    One of my favorite all time games was NBA JAM for the Super Nintendo, I'm so glad they brought it back a few years ago, but they should have added in more things. Another one of the great sports games is NFL Blitz, it would be AMAZING to have a basketball version of it. Maybe I will just have...
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    Who has been your surprise team in the early season?

    I really didn't expect the Golden State Warriors to start off this hot with Steve Kerr as their coach. Its going to be fun to watch what they can do over the next 5 years or so in the western conference!
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    March Madness

    I am worried about my Iowa Hawkeyes making it this year. They would tear up the NIT but it would be an embarrassment for them to only achieve the NIT with the amount of talent on the team this year.
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    Any NCAA fans on here?

    Whaddup, I'm an avid fan of the Iowa Hawkeyes NCAA team. I also enjoy watching the NBA, but don't really have a favorite team per say. I guess if I had to pick one it might be the Thunder but that's just because I enjoy the way they play basketball, same thing with the Chicago Bulls. Anyways...